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From Basic washes to ceramic coatings and paint corrections any of our services will make your car shine.

Standard Package-$80-90

Our standard detail includes a 6-step wash process, Pre foam, Rinse, Soap, contact wash, rinse, and spotless hand dry. Your wheels are cleaned not only on the face but the barrels as well. Your tries are left looking great with a graphene dressing. All of the crumbs, dirt, and per hair is removed from your interior plastics, carpets, and seats. With your windows cleaned inside and out you’ll be able to see everything crystal clear. Aswell all of our details come with a full undercarriage wash to keep your car free of rust in the Midwest winters.

Exclusive Package-$100-110

Our exclusive detail gets you everything included in our standard detail but adds that extra shine and protection inside and out. With our spray coating on your exterior your car will shine like a star. The coating will also protect your paint from the sun and any grime. With a lifetime of 1-3 months it will last until your next detail! For the interior you will get a special leather conditioner to keep your seats looking like new for years to come.

Presidential Package-$125-140

*Most Popular*

Our Presidential treatment includes everything from the exclusive package but will restore and protect any of your non painted exterior trim. Aswell for your interior it will include a steam cleaning for any hard stuck gum, candy, stains etc. Your vents and all areas will be steamed. Have any stained carpets or seats? Don't worry our exclusive package also comes with stain removal.

Presidential+ Treatment

Now Our presidential + treatment isn’t your regular detail it includes our standard 6 step wash process, aswell as everything from our presidential treatment but you get a 2 step paint correction on your car that will restore all scratches in your clear coat. First we use an iron decontamination wash to get impeded metals out of your paint and then clay bar your whole exterior to make sure the paint is perfect then we go in and finish with our paint correction. This paint correction will fix most traded paint and scratches in the clear coat it will not fix scratches that go down to bare metal and or dents rust etc. After this is done you will get our spray coating to make your car look like it just rolled off the lot. With this wash you will get discounted rates on our presidential packages in the future!

Presidential+ Ceramic Coating

Our top-of-the-line package includes everything from our presidential + package but includes a ceramic coating. The coating must be applied after paint correction. This coating protects your vehicle from weather, chemicals, and UV rays while rejecting water, dirt and other deposits. Providing 10H hardness, more than 7 years of protection even in the harshest conditions. After the coating is applied with go in with a UV lamp to make sure no spots are missed. With this package you will get discounts on all of our services in the future.

Add on Services Services

Must be paired with another add on or detail*

Engine bay detail-$25

Your mechanic will be thankful that you chose to add on our engine bay detail! We will go though your engine bay and clean all the dirt grime and oil off of all item. Don’t worry this is a waterless wash so all electrical components will be fine.

Headlight restoration-$35

Do you have faded and scratched headlights? Well we have the solution for you! We will wet sand your lenses from 500-1000-2000-3000 grit to get all of those small-medium scratches out of your lenses after this we will respray your lens with 2K clear the best clear coat on the market. With this not only will your car look better but your visibility will be drastically increased.

Vinyl Wrap and Tint

With our tinting you will get the highest quality 3M tint in 5,35,50% tint. Both the inside and outsides of your windows will be cleaned when the tint is applied. The tint will be shrunk on the outside so it fits your windows perfect. The tint is dark from the outside and clear from the inside so you will have perfect visibility 24/7 but the added privacy of tint and protection of all interior fabrics and plastics. Our tint comes with a 2 year warranty!

Looking to change up the color of your car with being able to change at any time? Or want to protect your beautiful factory paint? Here’s the thing for you. With our highest quality VIVID vinyl wrap you can pick from 100s of colors. The wraps suggested lifetime is 2 years for ease of removal. We provide a 2 year warranty for any drastic fading or non designed color shift. All Wrapp and PPF is installed with knifeless tape so no blades are anywhere near your cars paint.

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